Cheap Levitra

Cheap Levitra

At this Levitra blog you will find the answer on all your questions about Levitra (vardenafil)! Read Levitra Tips, Levitra Reviews and where to buy Generic Levitra and Levitra Oral Jelly online cheap.

At our blog part you will daily or weekly interesting articles related to Levitra uploaded by us, doctors, patients as well as other men just like yourself who suffer from male impotence / erectile dysfunction and solved this with “Levitra” (Vardenafil).

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What is Levitra?

Levitra is a very popular and well known erection pill introduced by the German pharmaceutical company “Bayer Pharma” many years ago as a generic levitra because of the crazy high prices for Levitra Brand. After the patent of Bayer expired, Levitra was allowed and highly motivated to make an even better ed pill to treat male impotence or erectile dysfunction, however they discovered a way for people with problems to swallow pills also to take advantage of “Vardenafil” and found it is the perfect way to make levitra in oral jelly format and called is “Levitra Oral Jelly”.

It is like many discoveries, they mostly come unplanned when looking or researching something totally different – however not with this. Ajanta Pharma very smart did market research and discovered there were many men having difficulties with pills. Levitra changed the relationships and sexlifes of many men and couples! With Levitra oral jelly you can simply put it in your wallet ( very discreet !!! ) and that’s why many women even never know that their male sex partner uses Levitra, but their sexlife wouldn’t be the same without Levitra as now any male can get orgasms because of the long hard erection of their man.

The colour of Levitra pills is “yellow”, totally different than other erection pills like viagra, cialis and kamagra and because of this is also sometimes called the “little yellow pill” as it is both yellow and little. But levitra is also known as Levitra Oral Jelly, as levitra is very powerful and also available in different strengths ranging from Levitra 20mg, 40mg and 60mg Vardenafil. So for everyone there is a levitra pill or levitra oral jelly fitting their sexual health needs.

How to use Levitra?

Before you use Levitra, is is very important to know Levitra works 4-8 hours long, depending on the specific person taking Levitra. For some people it works long up to 8 hours ( for myself for example 40 yo 77kg male ) and for others just 4 hours long, so you need to check for yourself. it starts working 30 minutes – 45 minutes after you take the pill or oral jelly Levitra Oral Jelly ( the same numbers are valid for Oral Jelly as for the pill format so there is no difference in which Levitra you use ).

What is Generic Levitra?

As with popular brand-name drugs ( Levitra Brand ) that have their patents expired, generic drugs ( in this case Generic Levitra ) start to become available as we live in an open economy where different pharmaceutical entrepreneurs can take opportunities and branded drugs are too expensive, so with the same quality solution like generic drugs there is huge market opportunity.

With Levitra this is exactly the same and Levitra is a vardenafil based erection tablet. In contrary to other ed tablets however, Levitra is a German erection pills and not expensive as you don’t need to pay for the expensive patent. However at your local pharmacist they only sell you the too expensive Levitra brand or Levitra brand version and that is why an online pharmacy which we use can help you out selling good quality generic levitra for less than 1.5 USD per pill or 3.5 USD for the levitra oral jelly format.

Generic Levitra has the exact same amount of “Vardenafil” or “Vardenafil Citrate” and same other chemical composition as found in Levitra Brand and same quality, so the brand version and generic version are 100% identical, except the price of course  …

As we live in a free world, it is up to you to decide. Pay 31 USD per Levitra brand tablet at your local pharmacy or pay 1.5 USD/tablet for Generic Levitra at a trusted online drugstore. We go for the last option.

Generic Levitra versions:
Levitra Oral Jelly
Levitra Dapoxetine ( dual action tablet )
Levitra Generic

The above Levitra pills/jelly are however the same as the normal Generic Levitra pills, so only if you have a specific experience or recommendation with these Levitra vardenafil pills, then go for it, otherwise stick with Generic Levitra as is with 10mg or 20mg vardenafil.

Where to buy generic Levitra?

There are many places to buy Levitra, however there are not many good places and especially safe places to buy levitra, because of a several of reasons. Let’s sum them up so you are up to the speed as well…

The most common place to order Levitra is via your local doctor and pharmacy, however this is not the most easy and for sure not the smartest and cheapest option to order Levitra/Levitra Oral Jelly as it will cost you a lot of money and you social status can be very much influenced as well, as soon everyone will know you use Levitra. IMPORTANT: most pharmacies don’t even have Levitra as they try to sell you the expensive brand versions instead or try to push you for expensive operations by medical doctors.

Another way is to purchase Levitra via classifieds websites and listings of local drug dealers, however this is not trusted and uncomfortable and prices are mostly still on the high side, with a danger factor. We for sure don’t advise you to go this way. Let’s go to the next option.

A much better way to purchase Levitra is online via a safe and trusted pharmacy like for example “Pharmacy XL” and in the past also Canada Drugs. We personally use for multiple years with 100% satisfaction and because of this multiple year of positive experiences we feel happy and confident to recommend this online medstore to friends and family. Their drug prices are very low, they are in business since 2001, trusted by thousands of consumers as well as professionals across the globe from Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Europe and because of their scale they can offer free global shipping as well, which is a huge relief. Personally I know many friends and even doctors who purchased generic levitra for their clients via this particular website, so also take advantage of cheap prices for Levitra / Vardenafil and improve your health and sexlife and relationship or marriage.

Cheapest Levitra

Cheapest Levitra is of course something everyone wants as everyone likes to get products for the cheapest price , however think about it twice or even three times as sometimes cheapest medications is not the best idea! You want a “fair deal” and with Levitra / GenericLevitra this is exactly the same. You want quality meds, reliability, friendly customer service for a good price (fair!) which sustains a good and reliable business model from the Pharmacy of your choice and a cheap Levitra price on your hand so you have money left for other things.

Probably there are cheaper online pharmacies out there than the one we use, Pharmacy XL, however not with the same quality generic Levitra, friendly customer services, free and fast global shipping with guarantees and trusted pharmacy in business since 2001! Let’s be honest 1 USD for Levitra Pills is an absolute steal!